Sunday, March 27, 2011

Designer Playlist: Spring Edition

I am fascinated by the precepts of design: what has influenced whom and how it developed a consumer trend for how we collect, decorate and live. Ralph Lauren in particular comes to mind. He has a take on the American lifestyle that is as romantic coastal life as it is up-town Manhattan penthouse. His images can evoke charm, sophistication, ruggedness all captured in an aesthetic you can take to the bank.

How about Rachel Ashwell? She is the one who brought us “Shabby Chic,” the trend in cottage living. Oh, and then there is Axel Vervoordt – we can thank him for his washed-out, colorless but pleasing interiors that are currently all the rage.

Each of these designers has created his or her own formidable “play list” that is their signature style and brand. So it had me thinking about the choices I’ve been making in the design and appointment of my own home. It’s also the driving influence for what I select for my shop. So here are a few songs from my own personal play list, several that are inspired by the warmer weather just around the corner.

“Walk This Way”: I live in world of hard-wood surfaces and nothing warms them up and creates a finishing touch quite like rugs. Cotton with color and pattern will soon stretch out for the season.

“Light at the End of This Tunnel”: I don’t skimp on lamps, sconces or chandeliers and candlelight is the ultimate. Outdoor lanterns flickering in the spring breeze, nothing beats that.

“Wide Open Spaces”: Spring is around the corner and yard work too. Home is where the heart is and I can say the same for the garden.

“White Noise”: Food just looks better when served on simple white dishware. English Ironstone, it’s a classic.

“You’re So Vain”: Mirrors reflect light and open up a room. Sure you can see yourself, too.

“I’ll Be There For You”: The open arms of a worn leather club chair – enough said.

“Table for 12”: I’ve never met a farm table I didn’t love. The bigger the better. Long benches comfortably accommodate the crowd.

“Hold Me, Hold Me”: Baskets, crates trunks and anything else that can catch the clutter of my life.

“Imagine”: This is my personal dedication to you…just think of all the possibilities!


  1. love, love this post. you ticked off quite a few for me here...


  2. Hi Steve. That little tole lantern/niche is pretty much on my playlist...actually the entire vignette is. Is that from your store?! Trish