Friday, September 10, 2010

Anticipation...It's The Best!

Okay...go with with me here. Think about what makes you so excited that you lose sleep. Remember the night before Christmas? The morning before you pulled out of your driveway with your family for vacation? The first day before a new school year. Well, for me it's antique week in Texas! I'm headed there in just two short weeks and ready to make a haul for Prize! Last year was amazing and I can only expect that it will be another treasure hunt.

I have many favorite people and places and can't wait to meet up again. Those open fields, over-flowing tents and decked-out barns with their treasures-in-waiting.

               White Ironstone photo source:  Country Garden Antiques

There are the common things I'll be looking for (white ironstone among them), but it's the unknown that awaits...the great hunt.

I'll be posting pics as I go and the 20ft truck will return to Kansas City on September 29!


  1. lots of pics, please!

    happy hunting....

  2. have a wonderful trip and await all of your fun finds...